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Just run Wordfast... indispensable tool for translators.

Have you noticed that translators who use CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation tools) work faster? At the present time, in order to be a good translator it is not enough to know languages, it is also necessary to master new technologies. Thanks to its price, quality and user-friendliness, Wordfast has no competitors in the market of the CAT tools. Enrol for the Wordfast course, and in less than one week you'll be able to translate faster and to achieve higher competitiveness as a translator.

How much does it cost?

Course price: 150€

EIZIE and Langune members: 120€

Wordfast Classic license - Special Student Price: 280€

What do I need a CAT tool for?

To fit your work style to the IT age, and also to...

  • be able to accept the orders that request to have a "CAT tool or translation memory".
  • not to repeat again and again the same work.
  • work faster, more efficiently, and with better results.
  • remain in a market that requires constant evolution.
  • take advantage of new technologies in the field of the translation.

Learn to use Wordfast, a powerful CAT tool, integrated in Microsoft Word.

Why Wordfast Classic?

Wordfast Classic is a set of macros, written in Visual Basic and saved as a simple template to be used within Microsoft Word. So, although Microsoft Office is needed to install and use Wordfast, the translator doesn't have to learn a totally new working environment because the whole translation process takes place within Word. Thanks to this feature, Wordfast becomes a really easy and "user-friendly" program. It can be installed either in Windows, or in Mac, providing that we have a suitable version of Word.

Is this course for me?

Well, let's see...

  • As a translator, I need to keep my knowledge, my linguistic skills and abilities to manage the new technologies up to date, but I never have enough time to take part in a face-to-face course.
  • It is obvious that if I don't update my knowledge, I run the risk of disappearing from the translation market, because my training as a professional, in comparison with the translators who use the CAT tools, will not be enough.
  • My language skills are good, but I'm really bad at computers... However, I manage quite well with Word...

If any of these sentences above sounds familiar to you... don't hesitate - this course IS for you!

More information...

What is the "Wordfast course"?

It is a training course to learn how to use Wordfast Classic - a Computer Assisted Translation tool -, and to put it in practice. Using Wordfast, you will be able to translate more, at the same time as the quality of your translations may increase. You need only 15 hours, and an Internet connection. Besides, once you learn how to use Wordfast Classic, in the future, you'll be able to expand your possibilities in the translation field with other Computer Aided Translation tools as Wordfast Pro or Wordfast Anywhere. And without leaving home!

Who is the course addressed to?

  • to freelance and in-house translators,
  • to students and graduates in Translation who want to begin their career as translators,
  • to managers of translation and revision projects,
  • to anyone without any experience in CAT tools, who needs a fast and an efficient training in this field.

Which are the purposes of the course?

  • To provide enough information about the CAT tools, in order to start using Wordfast Classic to translate and revise documents.
  • To announce and train in the use of the essential funcionalities of Wordfast, in order to make about translation a more comfortable job.

What are the requirements?

You don't need any specific computer skills to enroll this course. You don't either need to have Wordfast installed, because in the first session we will explain you in detail how to download and install a free version the of program. You don't even need to purchase the licence to learn how to use the program, but we will offer you a Special Student Price.

With regard to the technical requirements, you will need Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 or 2010 for Windows; and Word 98, 2001, X, 2004, 2011 for OSX (Macintosh). It is also essential to have connection to Internet.

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